E. Darwin Hartshorn: //Boilerplate

Bestiary In Progress

  • Zoom implemented.
  • Zoom and pan given keyboard shortcuts because I couldn’t find my wireless mouse.
  • Box selection implemented.
  • Editor displays a list of parts you’ve cut out.


Next up:

  • Individual part editing
    • Changing names
    • Outlining color sections
    • Assigning palette indices
    • Scrolling through the part tray should probably be implemented as well.
  • Packing the resulting kibbles and bits into a fairly tight texture atlas and saving the relevant offsets.
  • Then on to the animation creator!


Wed, 30th:

  • Box selection now works from any corner, instead of forcing you to drag from top-left to bottom right.
  • Moved the piece tray into its own file for ease.
  • Mouse controls no longer work on the selector screen if the mouse is hovering over the piece tray.
  • You can scroll the pieces up and down in the tray with the mouse wheel.


  • Pieces in the tray now scaled to a common width.

Thur, 31st:

  • Added a new state for editing the individual layers of a piece.
  • You toggle into the state when you click the piece in the tray.
  • The state draws the piece as a whole
  • Added a simple text button drawer/thinger.
  • Got the two states to play nicely together.
  • The layer peeler now draws the layer you are currently working on.


Next up:

  • Switching layers.
  • Labeling the layer and the piece.
  • Selecting the specific source rectangle of the layer.
  • Rebuilding the palette and selecting indices.
  • Packing it all together in a single texture.
  • And the like.

1-1-16 Happy New Year!

Note: I can pass a delegate to a state that’s meant to serve as an input box.  When the state is done, it will call the lamda, thus passing the result back. Is this a terrible plan?  Probably, but I try more for speed of implementation when building my tools.  Is this a terrible plan?  Probably, but it’s the only way I’ve ever finished a game.

  • Added a text button with the name of the piece, so we can change that later.
  • Noted that my text buttons looked like those text stickers you used to use on your stuff, and intentionally ramped up the similarity because I can’t help dallying for artistic niceties.
  • Added buttons to switch from layer to layer
  • Created a palette and displayed it
  • Created a color editor.


Next step: Switch in an enum/int/int key for the pieces.  Then make the appropriate ‘name changer’. Then make the part slicer for the sublayers.

Stuff and things!  1-2&3ish

I can change the names of the pieces.  Also the modifications have been moved to an external dictionary for access beyond the slicer.  First major step on the way to making this sprite-animator ready.


Next up: having the layer selecter read from and write to this common sprite thingus, so that palette changes persist.  Then, outlining individual parts.  Then the dreaded packer.