E. Darwin Hartshorn: //Boilerplate

Megahyper Parallax Starfighter X

My first professional game, Megahyper Parallax Starfighter X is in the final playtest/debug process, and should be submitted for final review in a day or two!

So, what is Starfighter X?  It’s a Space-Invaders-esque game for the XBox Live Indie Games market, for a dollar.  It’s not a Japanese Bullet Hell: slow-moving ships and slow-moving bullets (at least by bullet-hell standards) means that mastering the physics and getting a feel for the (admittedly simple) enemy AI is more important than pattern-memorization.  It features pseudo-retro 3D graphics and computer-generated sound effects.

And it’s a start.  Finishing a game means I’m legit; and soon many more will follow.

Starfighter X has no powerups, and only one enemy type, though with each wave they move faster, withstand more of a beating, and get more aggressive.  So if you are looking for something with a lot of depth and variation, I don’t reccomend you buy it.  But for all that, it’s a decent game, certainly worth two or three minutes of play, and if you enjoy it, I wouldn’t mind it if you bought a copy to support me in making more and better games (and teaching anyone who wants to learn to do the same!)

Here’s a screenshot which pretty much sums up the gameplay: