E. Darwin Hartshorn: //Boilerplate

Bestiary Progress Report

  • Worked out the final(ish) art style for the game, in part by brainstorming on this blog.


  • Built a set of test textures for the sprite editor.
  • Moved my XNA Entity System into Monogame as Linked Files so they’re equally usable from Windows and Android.
  • Started building texture processor:
    • Got it displaying the textures.
    • Rebuilt my mouse system…
    • … and got the mouse moving the texture set around with a middle-click.


Next steps:

  • Zoom with Scroll Wheel
  • Outline rectangles with Left button
  • Naming individual parts

Broad goals:

  • Coloring system so I can assign palette indices to various layers of individual parts.
  • Taking the multiple texture atlases into a single texture via outlining blocks within a part, rectangle packing, and offset saving.
  • Once the texture processor is done, build the animation editor (a’la Silva’s in Building XNA 2.0 Games), and set up some test animations.
  • Once there are test animations, get the animations playing on my phablet.

Note to self:  Using Vector3s instead of Vec2s will allow me to both store relative depth of the parts and use matrix multiplication to ensure the component layers rotate and scale with the sprite as a whole.