E. Darwin Hartshorn: //Boilerplate

Announcing Project Therion!

Remember the good old virtual pet craze kicked off by Tamagotchi, and picked up by dozens of other games?

I always wanted one of those as a kid.  And you can find them emulated these days for Android and iPhone.  But they tend to require constant attention, and those of us who grew up with the games, well, grew up.  We have jobs and families and college now.

Moreover, my favorite incarnations of the virtual pets included the amazing ability to link up your pets and have them fight.  Typically the combat mechanics weren’t all that great, with the combination of how well you raised your pet, plus some random numbers determining the outcome.

But all that’s about to change.  Announcing Evan Hartshorn Entertainment’s next game project:  Project Therion (that’s probably not the final title).  Your personal pet grows and changes based on how you raise it, and in the 2.0 release, bluetooth battles with friends that involve strategy and skill as well as upbringing will be added.  Moreover, the pet allows you to play well without checking in every twenty minutes, and I’m planning a story and world that is a little deeper… and darker.

Stay tuned, as we keep you filled in on the development process!