E. Darwin Hartshorn: //Boilerplate

Hurrah for Xamarin!

hate Unity.

That’s not a slight on Unity.  I’m entirely self-taught, and Unity and I don’t get along is all.  It’s me, not U.

Xamarin is releasing business licenses, for free, to indie game devs, provided they can prove they’ve made a game.  With Project Therion in development hell for years as I’ve tried to make myself work with Unity, I don’t feel much like a game dev… but I made a game, and it sold a couple copies, so I totally count.

I’m submitting my application even as we speak.  And hey, here’s a bit of concept art:

Infant - Lyzzor

The official name of the game (unless it changes) is Pocket Bestiary for the phone, and Bestiary for PC.