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Starfighter X Reboot Postmortem

Note:  The fact that I am finished with this challenge does not mean I will not continue development of the program.  Just thought I’d clear that up.

So, for my first challenge, I thought I’d put my money where my mouth was and remake my first game, in a day or two.

The result?

I think, I think I could finish it to the level of the original in another week.  Maybe.

Checking my logs for the first game, in twelve hours, I’ve managed everything I’d done in roughly 18, minus collision detection.

I’ve also made a more robust and flexible system.  So that’s pretty cool.  The original Starfighter X pretty much stopped at the point where I couldn’t add more elements without spending weeks on each one.  But ES allows me to add a new element with minimal disturbance to the others — in fact, usually none.  So this could serve as the basis for a greatly improved sequel.

That’s all very positive, but the fact is, if I’m generous, I’ve cut my development time in half.  If I’m not, it’s more like I shaved off a third.

While I’m in good company with the great hordes of game-makers who thought it would only take a minute to make the next game, it does serve as a reminder that I’m not as smart as I think I am.

Next week’s challenge?  Getting a game running on my phone.  There be androids in these hills…


Ah, hubris.