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Devgame Internship 3: More Title Nonsense

So, my super clever idea for an intro is this:

You see the moon through branches.  Maybe it’s silent.  Maybe there’s a wolf howl and then silence.

The camera pans down and, meanwhile, the title fades in.

Now, to do this properly, we need to have layers, where each layer scrolls at a different rate.  So I’ve separated my title screen into layers, which I’m working on painting.

Layer 1: Moon and Stars.  This layer basically stays still.


Adding in Layer 2: Mountains in the distance.  This layer moves very little.


Adding in Layer 3: Krag Vargenstone itself.  This is the whole point of the reveal.  Also note it’s not finished yet.


The Krag needs more contrast and more fine details on the painting, but it’s coming along nicely.

Now, at the size I need to work, my CPU and GPU are already choking.  My laptop, on the otherhand, has never even heard of processing power, let alone having any.  So, something simple, like animating an orc, or finishing the title font.

Font finished.



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