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Therion Combat Implementation

Right, I’ve got Dragonforce loaded up and playing their songs with a chainsaw that has guitar picks strapped to the teeth.  Time to work out how I make my fancy combat system.

First comes the easy part.  Moving moves to the combat strip from your move tray.

I’m going to magically decide that our playing area is 240 by 400.  Then, in the final game, we’ll scale it up so that it fits in some proportion that will allow x pixels per pixel of game screen, giving us a classic oldschool pixelarty look that plays to my strengths as an artist (or rather plays to my weaknesses: I can’t do all the art and all the coding unless I super-simplify the art somehow).

240×400 is half the size of the most common Android screen, so it should scale well to most phones.  So now I pop open Inkscape and throw together a quick layout.

Here’s how it should be laid out when the monsters are fighting, and then how it should be laid out when you’re picking a move:

Battle Screen Select

So, there we’ve got an reasonable interface at the desired scale, with twelve attacks in a tray, and a battle-interface thingy that slides down when you’re watching the fight, and slides up when you need it.

Here’s version 1 of the Combatotron 20XX, then:v1

Viola.  That’s the thing that pops up when it’s time to pick what your little monster’s going to do this go-round.  It’s nasty, and I’m going to replace it with one that’s more thematic eventually, but it gets the idea across.  All the dark gray buttons hold potential attacks, the light grey slots with numbers hold the attacks you’ve selected, and the exed out buttons are where your opponent’s attacks appear.  It also means we know the size and shape of our buttons.

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