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Challenge Accepted: These Are The Droids You’re Looking For [Building Android games]

Mobile gaming is the latest big thing, and high-power AAA gaming is starting to bog down in many ways (thankfully giving indies room to breath).  Long, long ago (last year), I got myself an android phone and some books on how to write games for it.  Recently, somebody asked me if I have any mobile capabilities.

I said “A qualified yes,” when I should have said “not yet.”  Today, we are going to try and change those answers into an unqualified “I make Android games” before I have to crawl into bed.  I will count it a success if I have an object moving around on my phone based on where I touch the screen.


Additional challenges:  I be quitting caffeine this week!

Without further ado:

  • 7:14 Getting Eclipse.
  • 7:46 Damn.  That’s a big package.  Extracting Eclipse.
  • 7:51 Hah.  Now let’s see if it runs!
  • 7:53 Nevermind.  Now I have to install everything. I’m going to wash a load of dishes.

Given my bungling here, it should be noted that I’m not starting from square one, as I’ve spent a couple weeks studying Java and Android on my breaks at ye olde day jobbe.  So all hope is not lost.

  •  8:55 Yay.  Eclipse is running.  Time for Hello World.
  • 9:14 Getting my phone to talk to my SDK…
  • 9:23 Hello World is a go!
  • 10:32 Tried to get a game up using an ES created by the chief expounder of ES, Adam Martin.  Failed.  Also had breakfast.  Time for plan two.
  • 11 I miss Visual Studio’s Intellisense.  I’m spoiled.
  • 11:03 Eclipse does throw in closing braces for free, though.  It’ll take some getting used to, but that’s really neat.
  • 11:30 Created interfaces specified by my nice little programming book.  I remember why I dislike OOP.
  • 12-1 Pizza break.
  • 1:17 Framework in place.
  • 2:48 I now have an Android program that causes a character to move to the location I touch on the screen.  It’s running on my phone.

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